Product Design Engineer from Colombia.

Thoughts: “Less is More” MV Rohe

My definition of Design Management: Take into consideration the different departments, skills, personalities in a business to be able to achieve the best possible innovative results. This can be accomplished by using and/or crossing different methodologies and tools that may permit extraordinary results even before problems or opportunities appear.

30 years
Speaks: Spanish, English and Italian

R+D Director for MONDO VERDE Casa e Giardino Srl  (ITA)
Operations Director DE LÁPICES A COHETES  (COL)
General Manager for PLAY LIFESTYLE  (COL)

Profile: Responsible, leader, team worker, eager to learn, work committed.
Skills: Entrepreneurism, holistic knowledge, project planning

Interests: Product R+D, strategic planning, business improvement, management
Hobbies: Fishing, tennis, scuba diving

Course Ambitions: Have the tools to work in any kind of business and make it grow with innovation