Communication Manager from Switzerland.
Thoughts: «The people that I respect the most, the people who are doing great things, are people who care so much about what they do, that they can’t stop.»

My definition of Design Management: Design Management is a philosophy & a practice to foster innovation in order to achieve organizational success by creating great customer experiences! It can therefore be applied on products, services, brands, companies, environments and countries.

29 years
Speaks: German, English, French, Italian

Communication Manager & Human-centered Design Specialist, Brand Experience Swisscom, Switzerland
Project Manager Nudie Jeans, Switzerland
TV Fashion Journalist StarTV, Switzerland

Skills: Languages, Writing, Experience Design

Interests: Experience Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design
Hobbies: DJing, Soccer, Cooking & traveling

What I want to do: Leading or self-employed Design Manager in the fields of sustainably designed products