About DM9



In the Winter of 2012 in january, 9 persons got together in Barcelona because of thier interest in Design Management.  Aliya (Moscow – Russia), Dimitri (Bern – Switzerland), Frederik (Oslo – Norway), Lilach (Tel Aviv – Israel), Mauricio (Bogotá – Colombia), Momm (Bangkok – Thailand), Pedro (Medellín -Colombia), Togay (Ankara -Turkey) and Wannaros (Bangkok – Thailand) met in class 115 of the Istituto Europeo di Design to study a master program around the subject.

But they didn´t just meet and began classes together. Their interest was far beyond their personal interests. They were aiming for higher goals: sharing, mutual inspiration and social growth. So they decided to create DM9 not only to show their personal interests and opinions but to work as a team of professionals.


Sharing and collaboration are some of the values of DM9. That is why different channels were selected to express the thoughts and interests of the Master Class in Design Management. Using this blog as a webpage DM9 hopes to share their knowledge and experiences with people around the world who are involved with design management in a day to day basis or who are just curious. DM9 also expect many people (professionals and non) to share their opinions around comments, articles, methodologies and tools hoping to create one of the most  important references around Design Management.

Finally, DM9 wants to take advantage of this opportunity to show the importance of Design Management not only in the business of today but as a personal way of thinking to improve every action 24/7.

We hope you find it really interesting and your comments will always be welcome.


We aspire to take an active role in converting future challenges to opportunities as Design Management professionals.


Fostering our intellectual curiosity, creativity and innovation together with design thinking and management tools, in order to create sustainable value in business and society, by being loyal to our values.


Curiosity & reflection – “stay hungry, stay foolish” (Steve Jobs)
Inspire – think big
Share – knowledge grows by dividing it
Collaborate – engage & add value
•Emotion – some things are irrational, think of love
•Simplicity – take out the fat