A clic away from becoming a millionaire

We had an incredible class with Bernat Cuni these last weeks in which we discussed how easy it was to become an entrepreneur with one’s designs. We learned how the internet is day by day making this easier. There are webpages that teach you how to do things (makezine.com), some that give you tools to design (tinkercad.com), how you can ask manufacturers directly to do them for you (alibaba.com) and how you can even upload them and sell them (etsy.com).

Other interesting sites we saw were:

Threadless. Where users upload their designs and if they are selected by votes they are printed on t-shirts and a percentage of sales is given to the designer.

Cafepress. You can print your designs in almost any type of product from t-shirts to mugs to iPhone cases.

Blurb. Now you don’t have to go to a publisher to be able to print your book and then have a thousand in the garage. With blurb you can design your own books and print only one for yourself or as many as you want and even offer them for sale.

What makes this so interesting is that now anyone can create with a set of tools that are just out there, people are willing to teach and challenge others in interesting projects and now the technology that was only available for big companies is out there for everyone. You don’t need stores to show your products, you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

I for example will take advantage of this entrepreneurial platform and upload my graphic designs on threadless. They are designs I did 5 years ago and have been stored away in some floppy disc. Now it’s time for them to see the light and hopefully be sold all around the world.

I encourage others to manufacture the designs they have thought about for years. Buyers are a clic away!


About isazapedro

Product Design Engineer / Entrepreneur


  1. You should also showcase your own project from the class!

  2. isazapedro

    next post!

  3. I think that tools and technologies are evolving and growing faster, becoming mainstream and even sometimes, incredibly easy to use. This leads to a increase the number of prototypes and concepts closer to reality therefore ending up with the acceleration of innovation processes.

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