Apple on product Design

Since 1976, Apple Inc. has revolutionized the world of technology and year by year it still amazes us.  Let us see one of the key aspects in this product revolution.

In the beginning the most important products were computers: the Apple I, II and III, then Lisa, and the Macintosh. Changes in the company led to a delay in product innovation but this quickly changed when Steve Jobs returned in 1997 to the company, and Research and Development flourished again, first with the iMac and then with the ipod, which brought a whole new product platform which changed the world of music and entertainment: itunes and the appstore. Other products came afterwards, like the iphone and ipad, and who knows what they have prepared for use in the future. I bet it will be great!

Today, I want to focus on a key product in their catalog: the MacBook Pro. I know this isn’t the most sold product or the most famous. But it’s one of the most well thought of in terms of design. Jonathan Ive, Senior Vicepresident of Design at Apple has done a great job, making computers, notebooks and new electronic devices sexy. One reason may be because he has been influenced by the former Chief Designer at Braun, Dieter Rams, and his “10 principles of good design”. But the reason I want to focus on today is the fact that it is a product designed inside and out.

From the Product Design Engineering point of view, the fact that this product has been designed so that every piece fits in a certain place to be able to obtain the best performance in the overall functionality, is a great advantage. I know that to this, many persons could say that using Off-The-Shelf parts could be better to reduce costs, and this is true, but it wouldn’t help the performance Apple expects to give their customers and this would also compromise other aspects like maintenance, weight and size, just to begin with.

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A product should be aesthetic and functional. It should be able to to what it has to do, as easy as possible and with the least resources. That is why products like the MacBook are engineered so to have reduction in manufacturing, parts and time on processes, all this looking for performance and reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints. And this is obtained when products are thought of from the inside as well, and design processes like DFA and DMA (Design For Assemembly and Design for Manufacturing) are involved. Let me show you what I mean with the following videos.


This is what I call a well designed product:


And to add on it:


Interesting as well is that this mindset is used on more products in their portfolio, like the iMac and MacBook Air, showing it is something the company lives by…


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  1. For my understanding, one of the remarkable achievements of Apple is to get closer technology and people through its vision of simplicity and ease of use throughout its portfolio of products. Some technology laggards and elder people are not afraid anymore of technology because Apple has given to them a pleasant experience and a very intuitive learning path to its computers and devices.

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